Bizarre3d Sphera Lounge Chair


See how to use this product in the description below.

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Here you can download the Bizarre Sphera Lounge Chair freebie for DAZ Studio.
This chair is inspired by the excellent 3dStaff Bean Bag product for DAZ studio and Esfera Lounge Chair created by Brazilian designer Ricardo Fasanello.
But unfortunately (or fortunately for you) I never finished this project completely.
So, I decided to make a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  2022 gift for you!


Attention! This product requires DAZ Studio with dForce. Moreover, to get good results like on the preview image above you have to do some required actions.
Here is the short sequence of how to do a perfect simulation
1. Load the chair prop from ../Props/Bizarre3D/SpheraLounge
2. Load Genesis 8 Female figure (or any G8F) character
3. Set the current animation frame to 10. We need a few stabilization frames for the dForce job
4. Select G8F character and apply pose 01 from ../Poses/Bizarre3D/SpheraLounge to the
5. Set the current animation frame to 0. Here will be our start pose
6. Apply the pose 01 from ../Poses/Bizarre3D/SpheraLounge again.
7. Select G8F character and move it up slightly (set Y Translate to 10, for example)
8. Go to the Simulation Settings tab
9. Uncheck Start Bones from Memorized Pose(our memorized pose will be on frame 0)
10. Set “Frames to simulate”  to “Animated(Use Timeline Play Range)”,  so we will simulate all timelines. So, don’t set a huge amount of frames if your PC is not a monster :)
11. Press the “Simulate” button
12. Move your timeline cursor to frames 10-30 and choose the frame you like most

Thanks for watching! Happy rendering! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!